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PRP Treatment Specialist

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Your body is uniquely equipped to heal itself from injury and illness. Regenerative medicine is a growing offering that harnesses your body’s natural healing ability to refresh skin, regrow hair, and relieve pain without the need for invasive procedures. At Galen Healthcare & Aesthetics in Greer, South Carolina, the team offers the latest in platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy and other regenerative treatments. Call the office or book a consultation online to learn more. We also service the Greenville, SC area.

PRP Treatment Q & A

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine is the practice of harnessing your body’s natural healing ability to improve well-being. When you suffer an injury or illness, your body is uniquely designed to heal itself. Regenerative medicine involves using that innate healing ability to speed recovery by stimulating cellular regeneration in specific areas of your body.

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy is one of the most flexible types of regenerative medicine. It involves taking a sample of your own blood, which is then spun in a centrifuge to separate the platelets.

Platelets are densely packed with growth factors, specially-designed components of your blood that heal injured tissue. Your provider creates a PRP serum from your platelets and injects them into specific areas of your body to restore and revitalize.

PRP therapy offers an abundance of aesthetic benefits, from minimizing facial wrinkles to restoring head hair.

How does PRP hair restoration work?

Many men and women suffer from age-related hair loss. PRP hair restoration is a treatment option to stimulate healthy hair growth naturally. The growth factors in PRP enhance hair follicle performance, which can help hair grow in thicker and fuller.

Your provider injects PRP into specific areas of your scalp, and the serum reactivates the cells within your scalp that are responsible for hair growth. PRP hair restoration offers an alternative to painful, invasive hair restoration procedures. Most people need two in-office PRP treatments, spaced about six weeks apart for best results.

How can regenerative therapies improve joint pain?

Joint pain becomes increasingly common with age, particularly in people with arthritis. Traditional treatments may offer limited pain relief, but regenerative medicine can be used to treat joint pain.

PRP joint injections contain concentrated growth factors that stimulate healthy cell regeneration in damaged joints. PRP therapy can restore tissue within your joint to help minimize pain from conditions like arthritis.

Since PRP and other regenerative therapies utilize elements from your own body, the risk of allergic reaction or rejection is very low. Regenerative medicine is a natural way to boost your body’s healing ability to restore youthfulness and minimize pain.

Curious about how regenerative medicine could enhance your well-being? Contact Galen Healthcare & Aesthetics by phone or online today.