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Concierge Medicine Specialist

Galen Healthcare & Aesthetics -  - Med Spa

Galen Healthcare & Aesthetics

Med Spa & Internal Medicine located in Greer, SC

If you desire premium medical care without long wait times or feeling rushed, consider a concierge medicine membership at Galen Healthcare & Aesthetics in Greer, South Carolina. The exceptional medical team puts you first with a proactive, preventative approach to your primary care. You will enjoy easy access in a warm, nurturing environment. To get started with your concierge primary care membership or learn more, give us a call today. We also service the Greenville, SC area.

Concierge Medicine Q & A

What is concierge medicine?

Concierge medicine is a medical model of care in which you have a membership and avoid costly “red tape” associated with insurance companies. You pay a monthly membership fee and enjoy:

  • Easy, direct access to providers
  • Personalized care 
  • Unrushed appointments
  • Little to no wait times
  • Top-quality care

The approach at Galen Healthcare & Aesthetics is proactive, preventive care focused on optimal health and wellness. Providers leverage both traditional and integrative primary medicine. They offer sick visits, wellness exams, chronic disease management, and much more.

What if I have insurance?

While all services offered at Galen Healthcare & Aesthetics are direct and have no affiliation with insurance, staff encourage patients to maintain their insurance for unplanned events. Examples include hospitalizations, specialist care, and other non-primary care needs.

Does concierge medicine accept Medicare/Medicaid?

Galen Healthcare & Aesthetics providers see Medicare and Medicaid patients, but they have no affiliation to Medicare/Medicaid. In other words, they opted-out of these programs and ask you to sign a waiver stating that Medicare/Medicaid won’t get billed for primary care services you receive. 

What if I require a specialist’s care?

If for any reason you require a specialist’s care, the Galen Healthcare & Aesthetics providers have excellent relationships with highly trained specialists in the area. They don’t have the pressures of a hospital-owned practice that refers patients only to specialists in hospital networks. Medical staff make joint decisions concerning referrals to specialists, and have patients’ best interests at heart.

The Galen Healthcare & Aesthetics concierge practice model affords doctors time to coordinate care and collaborate with specialists.

What if I need to be hospitalized?

The Galen Healthcare & Aesthetics team does their very best to keep you out of the hospital and emergency room. In the case you require hospitalization, they coordinate your care at local hospitals.

What are my concierge medicine payment options? 

You can pay Galen Healthcare & Aesthetics membership fees via ACH bank transfer, debit card, or credit card. Staff set up membership fees for automatic payments to make the process as seamless as possible.

When you’re ready for quality primary care services, where you’re not just a number, schedule a concierge medicine appointment with Galen Healthcare & Aesthetics by phone or online today.

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